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  • Hilary Irons

First Meet Update: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Good Afternoon! Quick few items for update so that we can all be on the page and adequately prepared for success!!

  1. Earlier today, I texted a link to the swimmer lineup. This lists the swimmers alphabetically and summarizes the events in which each swimmer will compete.

    1. TO DO: Before arriving (while the swimmer is dry), use a sharpee marker to write:

      1. their event numbers on the top of their hand.

      2. their swimmer number in triathalon style down their left shoulder. You can find their swimmer number on the swimmer lineup (in parentheses next to their name).

      3. Ex: my child Adrian is number 001. So I would write: S




  1. If you have questions or concerns about what your child is swimming, please communicate directly with Coach Liz. She will make me aware of items on an as needed basis but swimming items are her jurisdiction.

    1. if your child was accidentally not entered into events, please know this is easily remedied with the swimmingly system!

  2. If your child is entered into a relay, and is unsure of the stroke he or she will swim, the relay orders are as follows:

    1. freestyle relay: 4 individual swimmers; everyone swims freestyle

    2. medley relay: 4 individual swimmers; back, breast, fly, free

    3. individual medley: 1 individual swimmer who swims all 4 strokes; fly, back, breast, free.

  3. Meet conduct: it is VERY IMPORTANT that all present follow proper protocol during meets. If you have a question or concern, you must voice it directly to our team Coach or to me as the meet director. Parents should NOT approach any other officials, such as representatives for the other team, stroke and turn officials, etc...

  4. IT IS HOT TODAY. Please feel free to bring tents, cooling fans or towels, coolers with water/snacks/etc...

  5. Please make sure you have your apps downloaded and your phones charged!

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