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Team Membership is for eligible swimmers through age 18 that can already swim across the length of the pool and intend to compete in our weekly swim meets.  Club members, volunteer staff and employees of the club are welcome to join. 


This program is for those children who are just short of being able to complete a full length of the pool; or who are just shy of being able to participate in a half hour of lap swimming.  Children meet with an instructor in the shallow end and work to develop skills that will allow them to join the full team by season's end. This group will begin meeting during the week of June 17th.  

NOTE: if you are not sure, we will do a simple assessment and place the swimmer in the appropriate category.  

Also note: these are not group swim lessons. If your child needs significant swimming instruction, we will direct you to our group lesson offerings, which will be at a personal cost. 


The Junior Coaching Program is geared toward teenagers that would like to support the team by volunteering to assist our coaching staff. Please contact leadership if interested in joining this program. These positions will be paid in the 2024 season.

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