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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphins Registration Night

Updated: Apr 13

We are kicking off the 2023 Summer Swim Season with a couple of events. The first of which is Registration Night, on Thursday April 13, 5:30-7:30PM.

This event will be located in the main dining room at the Spotswood Country Club. Please stop by to meet coaches and leadership, pick up information packets, register for the team as well as communications and t-shirts/caps. Stay for a drink, or even dinner at the club. It's burger night! This will be a great time to invite prospective members to the club or to the team as well.

If you cannot attend, please go to the registration page and follow the step by step directions to register. We will follow up with those that cannot attend for packets and shirt sizes.

We will have an open house style registration, with stations to ensure that everyone has access to step by step information for the season, to include:

-Station 1: Coach & Leadership Greeting

-Station 2: Team Info Packet, with printed information to include:

-Team programs & fees

-2023 season calendar

-Website information

-Opportunities for service

-Contact information and policies

-Team Shirt sizes & Bathing Suit info

-Station 3: QR Code to Team Registration & Fees (completed online)

-Junior Dolphins ($100 per swimmer, by check/cash/venmo)

*Group One: MW 5:15-5:45PM,

*Group Two: TuTh 10:45-11:15AM

-Full Swim Team ($100 per swimmer plus swimmingly fees)

We would greatly appreciate it if you could prioritize your attendance. That said, we understand that this is a busy season and so, if you truly cannot attend - please make sure to download the welcome pack PDF file. We will also have extras located in the clubhouse for prospective members.

Download PDF • 1.01MB

Speaking of members - we now have TWO GREAT WAYS to share the club with your friends: 1) NON Members can be a part of our Dolphins swim team for an extra fee of $100.

2) New this year - the club is offering a summer only, pool only membership for $995 (which also gives access to the clubhouse and club events for Memorial Day through Labor Day). Extra great news: this will be available every summer going forward.

Please put the first practice and kick off party on your calendars: Tuesday May 30, 5-7PM. RSVP to evite here:

Looking forward to a great 2023 Season!!

-Hilary :-)

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