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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: June 12, 2024

Thank you for your patience in obtaining this week's update. I was out of town and unable to update while away. Also, apologies for confusion on the calendar. The website calendar was created/posted in April and is subject to change! When in doubt, please refer to the weekly updates. If you see something on the calendar that isn't mentioned in the update, it is likely a change... and please feel free to text me at any time with questions.  IT IS NOT A BOTHER!!! I can only address situations as they arise if I know about and understand where the matter at hand. Small things turn into big things when not properly addressed, so PLEASE err on the side of making contact and communication. My cell phone is 410-207-0412, so please save it and use it. You can also message me and other team admins through the Remind app.

The schedule for the next week is as follows:

  1. Wednesday Practices and Thursday AM: normal.

  2. Thursday PM practice:

    1. Team Photos! Please wear a team suit and bring your team shirt (we have some at the pool if you haven't received on yet).

    2. Swim-a-thon Kick Off! We will release information about what the "event" is (a 5 week fundraising effort) and swimmers will get an idea of how many lengths they can swim in a certain amount of time.

  3. Friday AM practice:

    1. Our first friday fun day! Friday practices involve some lap swimming, some game playing, and some carb replenishment via bagels!

    2. Bagel sign ups! Each week, a generous parent takes on the task of purchasing bagels and cream cheese to share with the team. We usually purchase from Mr J's and cut up bagels into quarters to share.


  4. Monday the 17th, AM Practice:

    1. Second round of team photos during practice. Wear team suits and shirts!

  5. Monday the 17th, PM Practice:

    1. Normal team practice.

    2. Junior Dolphins PM sessions begin, 5:15-5:45PM! If you are signed up for this session, please plan to attend.

  6. Tuesday the 18th, AM Practice:

    1. Normal team practice

    2. Junior Dolphins AM sessions begin, 11-11:30AM (note: this is the correct time!)!  If you are signed up for this session, please plan to attend.

  7. Tuesday PM: OUR FIRST MEET at ASHBY POOL in Bridgewater.

    1. More details to follow about meets, but the most important part for today is that we sign kids up for their events. Please declare your swimmer's attendance status by logging into your swimmingly account. Directions here:

    2. Volunteer sign ups: all meets require the help of parents to work as timers, clerk of course, etc.. please sign up here:

  8. Volunteers: STROKE & TURN Training must be completed by Sunday June 16th, please. Please watch the video here:

  9. The calendar has been updated online.... please see changes from the paper handout here: (scroll down to the blue 8 week calendar). Some changes include: removal of "no wednesday am practice for the next weeks. That will only apply to the day after home meets. Changes to the end of season... the awards banquet will return to being after champs (as it always was prior to covid).

  10. Non-club members: it has come to my attention that there was no place for non-club members to pay the $100 fee at the time of registration. Any non-members on the team should pay this fee by either venmo (@Spotswood-Dolphins), check (payable to SCC Dolphins) or cash (if necessary, but not preferred).

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