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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: July 5, 2022

Good job last week! I heard from the Westover Waves that they had a great time at our pool - everyone was friendly, helpful, the meet logistics went smoothly and that a gorgeous sunset topped off the evening! Well done.

This week, we are away at Ashby. The 4th of July holiday has caused a few snags in the line up, so we will merge the meet around 1PM today, at which point you can see which events for which your swimmer is signed up.

Speaking of - there seems to be confusion regarding how to sign out for the meet. In swimmer language, this is called "meet declaration." To make declarations (aka sign out of the meet) you need to sign into the swimmingly clubhouse. This is done via a web browser (and not through the app). Directions to complete this can be found here: I am a parent/guardian. How do I complete meet declarations? Basically... Sign into your swimmingly clubhouse account. Click on the 3 line at the top right. Navigate to "meet schedule." On the meet schedule tab, select the meet that you wish to declare. Mark as attending or not attending. They are saved in real time, as soon as you take action.

For the away meet against Ashby: please arrive at their pool at 5PM. 1887 Mt Crawford Avenue, Bridgewater VA.

Note: the weather looks potentially stormy today. I will text updates as needed, but do know that it is our goal to complete the meet tonight because we do not have the manpower to reschedule on another night this week. Approximately half of our team is on vacation this week! This also means that we need every parent to step into a volunteer role, and for maybe more than one half. Please sign up:

As a general note, I understand that the size of our team may feel discouraging, especially to those swimmers and families who have experienced our team in thriving condition. I believe that we are experiencing the post covid impact on general membership at the club, and that the only place to go forward from here is UP! We have new policies in place that will allow us to grow our team (and hopefully the pool memberships in coming years). We have stability in club management. We have a great team of coaches, and even if small, we are mighty! Our team exists for many reasons, and competition is one of those reasons. But, every time we practice or compete, I hope every member is developing life long love of swimming and physical wellness, building confidence in the water and creating a community of friends. Those are the big, long term wins that trump any competition we face. Look for your updated meet entries around 1PM! Text with any questions!!

As we prepare for champs, a few things to note:

  • T Shirt orders will be in advance this year (not on site as in past years)- order due date: July 15th. Each team will receive an online store link to pass along to their teams. Shirts are individualized by team (same front design, but your team roster on the back). Shirts will be delivered to teams the week before Champs. July 15th is the FINAL deadline for all orders. No extensions.

  • Heat sheet ads - if you'd like to buy an ad to support your swimmer, please know the deadline is July 15th (to Ashby). A Google drive link will be sent to teams to upload their 8.5x11 pages to the drive. Please make sure all submissions are this size so they can be easily dropped into a booklet for printing.

  • Senior Scholarship applications are due July 15th-ish also!

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