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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: July 25, 2021

It's the last week of summer swim! Champs and season end details follow: It's at this point in the season that as directory, I feel quite weary (and especially so this year with the drama of running for school board, while managing my own family and job). The team director tasks take no less than 20 hours each week. So, I kindly ask that each family please take the initiative to sign up, with compassion knowing that it makes an incredible amount of extra work and time when I have to hunt people down for volunteering, paying, etc... even if you have already done your part, the entire team needs everyone to take on just one more day of volunteering to close out this season successfully.

1) This week's schedule: -Practice as normal, except Thursday PM which is at JMU Godwin hall from 6-7PM. -Friday 5-8PM will be our pool party banquet. This will be a combination of our parent/kid mock meet, poster making party, and awards ceremony. We promise to have everyone home in time to get a good night sleep for champs. 2) CHAMPS INFO: -10u swim 9am-12n; 11+ swim 1-4PM. AM Volunteers should arrive by 8:30AM; PM, by 12:30PM. -Volunteers: Each time is required to fill volunteer roles. PLEASE SIGN UP. If you have concerns about volunteering while managing your kids, I get it, but I can also help. As meet director, I cannot assume a volunteer role, but I can run around and corral children.


Other things to note about Champs: - There will be no sale of goggles, suits, and swim gear at the event. -Champs T-Shirts should have been purchased in advance; that said, Kevin agreed to take post champs orders, so if you have not ordered a shirt you can do so at champs (they just won't be available on site).

3) End of Season Details: Account SettlementKnowing our members are rock solid, trustworthy people, I rarely worry about collecting payments on time. But as season end approaches please double check (or text me to ask about your status) on the following fees:

-Swimmer Registration Fees

-Pizza Party Money -Coach Gifts (see next) 4) Coach Gifts: Each year, we collect end of season donations to put toward gifts for coaches. This money not only goes toward gifts for our completely volunteer coaches, but it also bolsters the paycheck of those coaches that do at least collect a fee. Our team is always incredibly generous, so I thank you in advance for your contributions. Please write checks, or Venmo Hilary with line item "coach gifts."

I depart early Sunday morning with my children for summer camp, so I plan to have all of swim team wrapped up before that time. Please help with me with this goal by managing each of the listed tasks in this email.

Thank you so much to everyone,

Hilary :-)

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