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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: Mock Meet Pizza Party & Meet Prep Info

Tonight (June 13) is our annual mock meet. It will occur during evening practice 5:45-7PM. Please arrive early, at 5:30, so we are ready to roll!

1) What to expect: the purpose of this event is to prepare swimmers and parent volunteers for what to expect during a typical meet. We are not using the meet technology tonight, so this event will be a walk through.

2a) Pizza Party: Please RSVP using this evite link so we know how much pizza to order, please! If you don't receive this in time, please don't worry - you can still enjoy pizza. We will order a certain amount based on RSVPs. Pizza will be delivered at 6:15PM

2b) Pizza Parties are one way that we raise funds for our team expenses. The first one was on us, but going forward - please plan to contribute toward the cost of pizza. Venmo $5 per person ($20 per family maximum) for pizza to @Hilary-Irons. Cash or check to SCC Dolphins is also acceptable.

2c) The snack bar will be open for drinks and easy snacks during this time. 5:30-7:30PM.

3) Our first meet is next Tuesday, AT Westover. Starting the season with an away meet adds a level of comfort and experience for because we get to experience the structure of a meet without having to host the meet itself. Plan to arrive at Westover by 5pm for the 6PM start.

4) Regarding home meets, (which will occur on Tuesday June 27, Wednesday July 5, and Tuesday July 11), the SCC Pool will close at 3PM for prep. On these days, team members should plan to arrive by 4:15PM. Here is a diagram of how the SCC pool will be set up on home meet days (I will talk through this tonight as well):

5) Meet Sign Outs. If you are on vacation this summer and will miss a meet, it's okay. We just need to know who and when! We will go over the online meet sign out procedure tonight, but the short of it is that there are two options:

a) using swimmingly website (step by step process TBA).

b) using the swim team bulletin board at the pool entrance. There will be sign out sheets posted on the boards. Please write the name(s) of your child(ren) on the list by 7PM on the Monday prior to the meet.

Thank You!

Go Dolphins!!

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