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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: May 31, 2022

Today is the first day of the Dolphins Summer Season! Even though most of us count the days until summer, we know that the end of the school year can be wildly busy with activities and commitments that keep us from getting fully organized for summer. That is why we decided to kick off the season's practice with an pizza party and short practice. If you are not yet registered, or you still have questions, etc... please join us! RSVP using this evite link: (and even if you don't RSVP, just join us anyway 5:30-7PM at the SCC pool).

Read on to start the process of getting organized for summer swim (we will go over this at the party as well):

1) First step: sign up for our team text messages. This is our primary form of communicating, and is certainly the most timely. Open your text messages app, and send the message: @sccdol22 to 81010. 2) Next, register via the team app, Swimmingly, which will handle for registration and fees. Access our team registration system by clicking here:

Note: all families must sign up through this app. If you are team admin or employee, use the discount code "work." Everyone must pay their own swimmingly fees. Team admin/employees can negotiate reimbursement of those fees, if desired.

--Once you are registered, there are still some more administrative tasks to cover, so keep reading!

3) Team Caps & T-shirts are including in the price of registration. Caps will be given out at practice tonight. However, this year I am ordering t-shirts per person (instead of ordering a bunch in every size and having too many of one and not enough of another). Please use this google doc link to order shirts for your swimmers:

4) Team Swimsuits: We have decided to change brands. A suit sizing kit will be available tonight for use in ordering your new team suit. Former years suits are perfectly fine to continue using, if preferred.

5) Team Apparel: we will have a number of optional items for purchase through the team store with Commonwealth promotional. Sweatshirts, hats, pants, t-shirts: 6) Mark Your Calendars: meets are listed below. Also, click the calendar link here:

2022 MEETS:

June 14: Mock Meet during evening practice 5:45-7PM (with pizza party)

June 21: First Meet! Home v. Broadway

June 28: Home v. Westover

July 5: @ Ashby

July 12: @ Massanutten

July 19: @ERRA July 30: Champs @ Westover *note: JMU is unavailable for Champs this year.

7) Parent Committee: This is my 6th summer running the team, and it is also the year in the 6 year VSL cycle that the SCC Dolphins are in charge of champs. Thank you to Lena Steines for stepping up to be the VSL President on behalf of our team. Parents - please note: I am going to be out of town a lot this summer, and as such I cannot run the team without substantial help. There are many vital roles that will need to be filled, and combined with low numbers in our post covid world, unfortunately that means many of us will have to be willing to give more than we might have wanted to support our children and this team. Please be considering how you can step up and into our team, and know that we have the most fun around! :-) Jobs include: stroke and turn, hospitality, administration, treasury, timers, etc..

8) RECRUIT: New this year: non-member team and club options:

-non-club members can join the swim team for an $85 added fee. This will support our team, as well as the club. With practice hours that coincide with opening/closing hours, we are confident that we can manage membership while also providing for our team.

-new members can join the pool/clubhouse only from Memorial Day to Labor Day for $985. This is a way for us to support the pool, while also connecting prospective members and families to the club.

9) Juniors will begin the week of June 15th and run through the week of July 15th. Junior Dolphins is a program for swimmers that are almost ready for the big team, but cannot handle 30 minutes of lap swimming quite yet. This program will build strength and confidence so that these swimmers can hopefully participate in meets by the end of the season. Juniors should be registered via swimmingly. -Group Swim lessons for younger swimmers will also be offered this year, in a program being developed by Liz Corder. These swimmers will not be registered in swimmingly.

-If you are unsure of where your swimmer should fit in, we will offer an easy assessment at the start of the season.

10) If you have any questions, feel free to text my cell (that is the way to guarantee a quick reply from me, and also to ensure that I will receive your message). Look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

-Hilary :-)

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