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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphins Update: July 28, 2023

Champs is TOMORROW! It is hard to believe that 9 weeks has flown by, and I am grateful to you all for many things: choosing to join the Dolphins team; participating in meets & practices to the best of your ability; volunteering in roles which are critical support the team; sharing your time, money, talents to the benefit of the Dolphins, and to the club. We have many details to wrap up, in priority order:

Champs Info:

A) First, there is no way around it: parking will be a problem. To limit the chaos, please plan to do one of a few things:

-Carpool, less cars equals more space

-Arrive early... you will have to walk

-Plan to drop your swimmer off at the entrance, and then go find a parking space.

B) Champs Timeline:

1. 10U swimmers will participate in the AM. 11+ will be in the evening.

2. Our team warmup times are: 10U: 7:50AM-8:10AM; 11+5:20-5:40PM.

**NOTE: do not let the parking situation impact your swimmer's ability to participate in the warmups. This is a very important period of time where the swimmers get comfortable with this location, logistics, etc...

C) Volunteers: Please look over the volunteer sign-up sheet below. Each team has been assigned slots and there are still a lot of empty spaces. Sign-up Sheet:

D) Other important reminders:

  • The event order is DIFFERENT at Champs compared to regular meets!


  • The bathroom just off the pool deck is for SWIMMERS ONLY.

  • Shoes must be worn in the gym and swimmers need to be DRY.

  • On Saturday morning, doors will open for families at 6:45am

  • Each team will have a table space in the gym and any t-shirts and/or heat sheets your team pre-ordered will be in your spot. A swimmer lineup for each team will also be at your tables. .

  • Hospitality: will be set up inside the main building, past the bathrooms for the general public (just past the workout facility) and to the left down a short hall. Hospitality is intended for coaches, meet directors, and our all-day staff/volunteers. We will be bringing out water and snacks to our on-deck timers as well as our officials/coaches throughout the meet, but the primary meals (breakfast and dinner) are intended for those of you who are plugged in all day long. :) Hospitality Menu:

  • Breakfast: bagels, cinnamon rolls, quiche, fruit, yogurt, Naked juice, & coffee Snacks: Cheese/crackers, fruit, granola bars, etc Dinner: sandwiches, pasta salad, potato salad, chips, veggies, cookies

E) Champs Guide. Please see the attached document for all other details. Text or call Hilary Irons with any questions or concerns.

2023 Champs Guide
Download PDF • 1.58MB

F) End of season wrap up details will come out on Monday. This will involve closing of season details, info for next year, account settlements, etc... But we will focus on this weekend and enjoying champs first! :-)

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