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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: July 10, 2023

1) Seasons are short times of life, and summer swim is the same. Our season is somehow quickly coming to an end. With just 20 days left, it is imperative to consider necessary final details.

I will be out of the country from July 13-24th (touring Greece, on a boat). This means that ideally, details for champs need to be mostly handled before I depart. While I am willing to work for the team while away, I do not presently have confidence that I will have normal access to apps and such. So please purpose the next two days to prepare for champs!

Leading up to champs, there are many details to cover, and deadlines to note. I will be attending a meeting for champs on Wednesday evening, and will provide one more informational post with deadlines and details. But, they are similar to:

  • Friday, July 14 - Champs T-shirt store closes (no exceptions)

Please visit our team store, which will close on July 14 (no exceptions). If you would like to order a shirt, please use this link: Spotswood Dolphins-

  • Saturday, July 15 - Heat sheet ads due. Quarter Page ad: $25; Half Page: $50; Full Page (8.5" x 11" size): $100. (See Last week's update for details).

  • Saturday, July 25 - Senior Scholarship Applications are due.

VSL Senior Scholarship Applications are due to the VSL by July 15. Applicants must be a rising freshman at an accredited college. Make sure you email or snail mail your application to Sandi Riggleman.

email: or VSL Scholarhip c/o Sandi Riggleman

513 E Riverside Drive

Bridgewater, VA 22812

2) Details for this week's meet:

b) Remember to make sure your phones are charged and that you have downloaded the swimmingly app.

c) We need a volunteer to perform the national anthem at all home meet. I am capable and happy to do it, however... you may be surprised to know that I was once a very shy child. Small, successes such as performing one song in a safe space literally paved the way for my own confidence, and I would be delighted for a kid on our team to take this duty on!!

b) Arrival Details:

Report to SCC pool by 4:30PM.

+Remember to have swimmer numbers written on the swimmer's arms.

+We will have home meet Dolphin Tattoos to distribute! Your swimmer can come find them at the score keepers tent.

+Home Team Warmups will begin at 5pm. The meet will begin at 6PM.

c) Junior Dolphins! Please arrive at 5PM also. Juniors will enjoy their first home meet race experience with a swim across the shallow end of the pool. This will occur during the visiting team warm up period, and will start sometime around 5:30PM.

d) Heat Sheets & Team Line Ups will be ready, and will be attached to the remind app. You can also find them in the swimmingly fan app. To locate the step by step procedure to access that info, please see last week's update.

e) Post Meet Pizza Party: please plan to stay for the entire meet tonight and to join us for our after meet pizza party and night swim. There in no alcohol allowed during any VSL event, but we are free to open the club bar as soon as the opposing team departs the pool deck (time usually 8:45pm-10:15ish). I will have a team roster at the score keepers tent, and please bring cash or venmo $5 per person ($20 max per family) if you plan to enjoy pizza. Please remember to pay for past pizza via Venmo @hilary-irons.

Stay Tuned for the final champs prep details on Wednesday evening. Please don't hesitate to contact me as well, just remember that I will be 7 hours ahead time wise and that I may have limited access to certain forms of contact while abroad.

Hilary :-)

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