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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: June 28, 2022

Today is the second of our two home meets for the 2022 season! Please check your swimmingly fan line ups and be ready for the meet (same prep as last week). If you have any questions, check the update from June 22, please.

Please note: given the fact that I am out of town, I made the executive decision to prioritize simplicity in execution for all things swim team this week. Team apparel is complete, but I will give it out next week at practice instead of at today's meet. If you ordered a team suit, those were given out at practice last week and are also in the guard shack. Please see Liz for assistance.

A couple of small changes from last week to this week:

1) Hilary (meet director) and Lena (clerk of course) are both out of town. We have assigned "job captains" to accomplish all the tasks necessary to complete the meet. If you have any questions, please contact the job captains, who are as follows:

-Interim Meet Director: Alexis Minnick

-General Pool Setup: Parker Lenz and the Lifeguards

-Computer/Starter: Amy Lenz/Don Sawyer (and Gannon will be there to assist as and if needed, or to fill in any unforeseen gaps).

-Clerk of Course: Sarah Sawyer (and high school aged swimmers will assist)

-Head Timer: Patrice Ludwig

-Stoke & Turn/Relay Take Off: Mike Hendricksen

-Place Judge (and Relay Take off volunteer): Jeff & Leighanne Lees

-Ribbons: Amy Lenz

-Hospitality & Post Meet Pizza Party: Keri Davis

2) Post Meet Pizza will be ordered; money should be venmo'd to @Hilary-Irons, please. $5/per person, up to $20 per family. Note - this is one way we raise money for our team.

3) Please arrive at the pool by 4:30pm with your swimmer numbers and events written on your swimmers.

4) The club will have a bartender for the post meet party (please remember there is no alcohol permitted during the meet, penalty for which is team disqualification). The bartender is supposed to be present for the entire meet this week, which means the concession stand will be open for drinks and snacks (no cooked food) throughout the meet. This offering will only be for members, as we are not equipped to deal with cash at this time.

If you have any questions, contact the coaches or Amy Lenz. Hilary is up in the mountains of PA with spotty service.


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