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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: June 5, 2022

One week of summer swim is complete. Things have gotten off to a great start, and we have much to which we can look forward!

The Practice Schedule for this week: Monday through Thursday, 5:45PM-7PM. All ages. Please note that 6u only practice from 5:45-6:30PM so parents with children in that age range will need to be present or arrange for any younger children.

Administrative Items to Complete:

1) Complete Registration for ALL swimmers, junior or regular team (but not for swim lessons). Use this link:

One commonly asked question was, "should I register my junior dolphin on swimmingly?" The answer is YES. The reason why is two fold: first, because the goal of the junior dolphins program is to support novice swimmers effectively so that each can participate in a meet by the end of the season; second, swimmers are covered by VSL insurance.

a) Click the above link to add your swimmer to the order. We need swimmer name, t-shirt size, and years on the team (including junior dolphins).

b) T-shirt sponsors. If your business would like to sponsor our team t-shirt, I will need to know by June 10th. The cost is $150.00 for the logo to be added to the back of the shirt. Invoices will be sent out once I have approved the design.

If you need to buy goggles or other swim stuff, please use this code for 20% off at swim If you need other swim stuff such as goggles, use this link for 20% off:

Another commonly asked question from the first week of practice: do I have to buy the new suit? NO. If your child still fits in a suit from last year, or if you had already ordered the speedo because you ordered it before I updated the website - that is absolutely fine.

Also note, the new suit brand is less expensive than speedo and the sizes are comparable to speedo as well.

4) Remind: join the remind class for team text messaging by texting the message @sccdol22 to 81010. This will be the only method of communication for the summer.

I will not be sending emails this summer (mostly because I personally receive too many emails and I don't find it to be an efficient form of communication compared to text). I will be posting all weekly updates to our website blog, and texting links out via the remind app. If you need me, please message through remind, or text my phone directly.

5) Parents: I announced at our kick off party that not only am I going to be out of town for half of this season, I am also no longer able to be the sole director of our team. The Lenz's are the other backbone of this team, and they are also nearing a time where they will age up and out. Having fulfilled the role as director for the past 6 seasons, I believe it in the best interest of the team to establish a committee of parents that can work together to soften the load. Many hands make light work! We are all blessed with gifts, so please consider how you (and/or your family/children) can step up and in to support our team.

Potential ways to help: hospitality, handling t-shirt sponsorship and orders; banking/accounting; website; communications; stroke and turn training; VSL rep, etc...


Lastly - IF WEATHER THREATENS PRACTICE, we will announce cancellations by 9AM (for 9:45AM practice) or by 5PM (for 5:45PM practice), at the latest. Consider practice as scheduled unless you hear otherwise. I.e.: if you are not specifically notified of cancellation, then practice is on.

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