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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: June 14, 2022

Great job at the mock meet tonight. The goal was two fold: first to prepare for our first home meet by making sure the equipment/set up worked; second, to provide a simulation for swimmers/parents who have never experienced a meet. Mission accomplished! Here is all the info for the coming week:

1) Practice schedule for the rest of the week:

-AM Practices every morning. 9:45-11AM.

-PM Practices Wed/Thurs 5:45-7PM.

-Note - Fridays are "FUN FRIDAY"! Practice is exercise AND games. We also usually provide bagels and cream cheese for the swimmers. This year, we are hoping to share the load of this task. Please use this link to sign up to bring bagels and cream cheese for the swimmers!

-Junior begins tomorrow. 10:45-11:15am. Please see Liz Corder for details.

2) Our first meet is next Tuesday at SCC (v. Broadway). Things to know:

a) if your swimmer will not be there, you need to use the link to sign out. Otherwise, we assume your swimmer will participate. Note this link includes ALL meets, so go ahead and sign out of any that you will miss this summer at the same time.

b) The club pool will close at 3PM. Swimmers should arrive by 4:15PM. The meet begins at 6PM. It is usually complete by 8:30PM. AFTER WHICH, we will host a Post Meet Pizza & Night Swim party. The bar will be open as soon as the last visiting swimmer is off the deck.

c) Parents - we are a small team this year. This means that we will REQUIRE ALL FAMILIES to provide volunteers to fill the roles necessary to complete a meet. This can include grandparents, friends, etc... OUR HIGHEST NEED IS THE POSITION OF STROKE & TURN JUDGE. This position requires training. If you are willing and have never done it before, the training is this Friday June 17 from 6:30-8PM at JMU. If you are willing, and cannot attend that, please let me know and I can try to work out online training.

Sign up for all roles (for the entire season) here:

-Parents with little ones... in years prior to covid, I hired two babysitters to keep littles down at the club house during the meet to allow for volunteering. I am no longer in that phase of life, but IF YOU ARE A PARENT THAT COULD BENEFIT FROM THIS SERVICE, please text me to let me know. If there are enough parents to warrant the team funding and provision of babysitters, I will be happy to offer that. Please let me know by Friday. Also, I used to time with my baby in a front carrier, so that's a possibility too! :-)

3) Our apparel store closes this Friday, the 17th. All orders will be filled by the second meet. If you'd like to order something, please check your texts (as I sent the link earlier via the remind app messaging system).

4) Please make sure to tell our coaches how much you love and appreciate each of them. I am so grateful for a trustworthy, supportive group to work with - especially as I will be out of town so much this season.

Our collective belief about summer swim is this: swimming is team sport, but it is truly an individual sport. Every swimmer can (and should) set personal goals to achieve. Every swimmer is empowered to work at their comfort level. Our team is the best around because we strive to have a good time while competing together and supporting each other. Honor yourself and your family throughout this season. We are all working toward individual growth as much as we care for team success. But the success of every individual IS our team success.

Hilary :-)

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