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  • Hilary Irons

Dolphin Update: July 19, 2022

Good Morning Dolphins! Are you ready for our FINAL dual meet of the 2022 season? Please be at ERRA pool this evening by 5PM ready to swim! Lineup is set in your swimmingly app, and all details for arrival have been sent via remind already.

There are lots of details necessary to the end out the season so read in full:

Upcoming Calendar Dates & Changes

+The end of the season pool party (formerly banquet) will be the Tuesday before champs (7/26) from 5:30-8:30PM (not Friday 7/29). We plan to make a tradition of using the Tuesday prior to champs for the end of season celebration in future years as well.

+Practices are normal through Friday July 29th EXCEPT FOR THESE CHANGES:

-Wednesday PM practice will be Champs Prep at Godwin Pool from 6-7PM. PLEASE PLAN TO BE THERE (especially if you are new to the team & haven't experienced champs).

-On Friday the 29th AM, we will have our fun Friday bagels and poster party. This is where we make signs to hang up at champs.

-Friday evening we can go into Godwin Gym (where all swimmers and families hang out during the day of champs) at 5PM and hang the signs, prepare our team space for champs. It usually takes just an hour or less, and is optional.

+Speaking of Champs, which takes place on Saturday 7/30…

-If your swimmer will not be there, please SIGN OUT ASAP via swimmingly.

For those participating:

-10u swimmers compete in the morning from 8am-12n (usually it's complete by 11:30AM at the latest). 11+ swim in the afternoon, 1pm-5pm (usually complete by 4:30PM). We will be in Lanes 1-4.

-Team AM warmup time is 7:40AM-8AM. Please be at Godwin by 7:20, ready to swim by 7:30 so we can be in the pool at 7:40AM.

-Team PM warmup time is 11:40AM-12noon. Please be at Godwin by 11:20, ready to swim by 11:30 so we can be in the pool at 11:40AM.

-Volunteers: We are the host team for Champs, so we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! Thank you to everyone who has already agreed to help. I have listed those roles in the Sign Up Genius. We still need timers (4 per session) and Meet Marshalls & Volunteer Table. We also have some people doing double duty, that I am sure would be happy for relief. ALSO -volunteers are provided breakfast, snacks, and lunch all day!

And if you see Lena Steines, THANK HER for all the work she is doing as VSL President! :-)

+Heat Sheet ads: each year a booklet of information is printed for every family at champs. The cost of these books is included in your swim team fee. As part of a fundraiser, we have the opportunity to buy ad space to support swimmers, teams, volunteers, businesses, etc... An example is included below: $25 for 1/4 page; $50 1/2; $100 for whole page. Money goes directly to the team, but the ads go to ERRA (who are making the booklets).

-These are easy to make using canvas! -The due date is July 22nd (to Jolanthe Erb at ERRA). Please upload your desired to this google file:

+A Few Final Details:

-Coaches Gifts: please consider gifting money to our wonderful coaches! You can send via Venmo, or check to SCC Dolphins. Gifts made go through the team account and directly to our coaches to supplement the minimal pay they receive for the large amount of work they do for our team. Historically, some families give anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars. So please contribute only what you feel led to gift. Venmo: @hilary-irons

-Team pictures: we had a very small amount of photos purchased last year, so I opted not to hire a photographer this year. That said, I encourage everyone to have their kids wear their team suits to practice and take the annual photo on the diving board! It would be an easy thing to do during Fun Friday Practices as well.


-Thank you to our team sponsors... I will be sending invoices via email this week.

-Please make sure you get your team tshirts from the guard closet at the pool!

-Suits & Sweatshirt orders: I am aware that there are some missing swimsuits and sweatshirt orders. If you have an issue, please make me aware, and also contact Commonwealth Promotional directly. The items were shipped to me, but I didn't do anything other than bring them to the pool bc I didn't have copies of all the orders that were made. Also, for those that took their ordered items, please double check your items are correct, just in case.

-Pizza party money: if you haven't venmo'd for pizza money, please do! @Hilary-Irons

Please text with any questions, comments, concerns. -Hilary ;-)

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